GUI Subversion Client for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows

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Welcome to QSvn

QSvn is a GUI Subversion client for Linux, UNIX, Mac OSX and Windows. It's not only a GUI wrapper for the command line client of Subversion but a real Client.

QSvn uses a C++ Subversion wrapper developed by the Kdesvn Project. For cross plattform capability QSvn uses the Qt Framework.

The latest version of QSvn is version 0.8.3, released on July 26, 2009.


The development of QSvn was stopped because i converted all my private repositories from Subversion to Git.

The last commit was some years ago.

Open Source

QSvn is completely Open Source. As I decided to finish the development in QSvn I was looking for hosting the project in a well known public repository. So here it is.

If you are a developer who loves Open Source, Subversion, Qt and QSvn or even one of them, feel free to fork the project and develop the next big version of QSvn.

If you have any questions about this project, get in contact with me.